Opportunities to Lead

Rachel Michelin


California Women Lead is successful because of a broad base of support we receive from various volunteers from throughout the state.  We are always looking for new volunteers who support our mission.  If you are interested in taking a leadership role within California Women Lead please take a moment to consider the various opportunities listed below and let us know!  Send us an email at admin@cawomenlead.org.

Women’s Empowerment Day Event Committee – 1-year term (Annually; Sacramento)


  • Participate in planning of the annual leadership event
  • Recommend and help coordinate session and keynote speakers
  • Assist in coordinating reception with women members of the State Legislature
  • Identify potential sponsors
  • Attend Event
  • Promote Event to your networks

Regional Coordinating Committee – 1-year term


  • Plan events quarterly in your region
  • Assist in obtaining names of elected and appointed women in the region for follow up by CA Women Lead
  • Communicate with CA Women Lead members in your region to gain their participation in:
    • Assisting with CA Women Lead membership outreach via individual connections and/or recruitment events
    • Offering ideas for regional events
    • Sending updates on themselves, local events of interest, etc., for the CA Women Lead enews, website and Facebook Page.

California Women Lead Empowerment Conference (new in 2012) – 1-year term


  • Develop topic ideas for special 2-3 day in-depth conference for women leaders from throughout the state
  • Use your network to help secure speakers and panelists
  • Make fundraising connections
  • Promote the events to your networks

Ad Hoc Service– Occasional; When Asked and Available


  • Be a speaker or panelist at an CA Women Lead events
  • Submit articles for the CA Women Lead enewsletter and website
  • Participate in focus groups to analyze proposed CA Women Lead programs and initiatives

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