Dell Social Media Director Liz Brown Bullock Revitalizes Company Policy

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest — the number of social media sites available to a working professional today are multitudinous and overwhelming.

Professional women seeking to etch out their digital footprint may need to look no further for guidance than to Liz Brown Bullock, the social media and community director at Dell, Inc., and the founder of Dell’s Social Media and Community University.

Dell wanted to educate its staff on social media policy, appropriate and inappropriate use of various social media platforms, corporate governance and strategic use of social media. The employee education became a sequence of through the SMaCU.

In doing so, the program provides employees with instruction on how best to use social networking tools to connect with the client, rather than using social media as an entity independent of the consumer.

Dell’s policy to expand the institutional knowledge and capabilities of its employees has already succeeded in training 9,000 Dell employees on the minutia and importance of flexing your social media muscles.

The social media workshop at our Women’s Empowerment Conference this fall will teach participants the fundamentals to using social media as a necessary tool for anyone seeking out elected office today.

Join Bullock at our conference Sept. 21-23 to learn more about social media and how getting engaged can extend beyond “liking” a page or joining someone’s network.

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