California Women Lead…. in their communities!

Rachel Michelin


Champions for Change!

California Women Lead has joined forces with the Network for a Healthy California in their Champions for Change Campaign. The Network, an initiative of the California Department of Public Health, represents a statewide movement of state and local partners working collectively to prevent obesity and to improve the health status of low-income Californians. California Women Lead partners with the Network to help identify community leaders – California Women Lead members – who are interested in becoming Champions for Change and taking an active role in improving the health of their own neighborhoods. Champions for Change can help make positive and lasting changes by acting as Network spokespersons and promoting healthy eating and active living at community events. We had a great response to our pilot program and are currently working to make sure the women (and some men!) who volunteered to be champions are utilized in their communities by the Regional Collaboratives under the Network for a Health California.

We are proud of the number of CA Women Lead members who have stepped up to be spokespersons and advocates for healthy eating and active living. If you would like to see healthy changes in your own county, city, or school district, we would like to ask you to become a Champion for Change. Please email us at
For more information on the Network for a Healthy California, visit

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